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Mar 13

More epic SEO growth for one of my lovely clients

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Just got off Skype with the lovely Soila from The Divorce Magazine. She invested in our Kickstarter SEO package in December, and is now seeing the benefits with a 100% growth in organic traffic.

Epic SEO Growth -

If you look at the suggested bids in adwords for some of her target keywords:

Keyword Planner Adwords -

Even if you took a conservative estimate that this traffic would cost £1 per click in Adwords, the additional traffic over the course of 12 months, based on this increase not going up any further (which it will) is worth £10,296 for an investment that was 20% of that!

Do the maths – SEO with us costs a maximum 20% of the equivalent Google Adwords cost. Not too shabby, is it.

Next step – total domination of the divorce market with an email autoresponder sequence, an FB strategy, a video domination strategy, and a backend income plan to die for.

I love my job!

If you want to see what our SEO packages can do for your business, contact us.

Feb 08

What is SEO?

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Here’s a video from the archives that asks the question “What is SEO?” because I still frequently meet people who don’t know what it is.

I’m pretty pleased with my answer and the fact that I have been consistent through the years because it is, even more today than when I recorded this, about quality content….