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Jan 15

P1 Rank Me Review – SEO Software that takes things to a new level

By Mark Attwood | Software reviews

The P1 Rank Me software looks very interesting to anyone with a WordPress site. This is my P1 Rank Me Review.

It has been created by two guys with a track record in creating software that short-cuts some of the things required to get higher Google listings. In this case: links. The vendor is a guy called Peter Garety and it’s being launched through JVZoo.

P1 Rank Me Review by

Essentially it’s a WordPress plugin which allows you to choose a number of links for any page or post you publish within the WordPress platform. It allows you to vary the content that will appear around your links by using a {spin} variable (ie. it spins the content for each site your link appears on) and it allows you to enter multiple anchor text to avoid bothering the Google Panda update.

I am always excited by anything that helps you get higher rankings for websites. My only question regarding P1 Rank Me is where these sites are, what their authority is, how spammy are they and whether links on them leaves a thumbprint for Google. In Peter’s pre-launch video, he does not demonstrate any of the links that have been created by his software but I will still be buying it to see how it works. UPDATE: Now I have purchased the software, I can tell you that the links it generates are from a network of video social sharing sites. A network that is growing rapidly every day.


Simple – software like this is essentially grey-hat. I wouldn’t call it black hat because it doesn’t do anything particularly dark, just makes it easier for people to get links to help their sites rank higher. Getting links is a painful process, but still essential if you want a site to rank fast and, when you’re in business, of course you want your site to rank fast, especially for keywords with commercial intent.

However, when you have no control over where those links are coming from and you have no idea what kind of sites they are (at this stage anyway – the plugin does have a reporting feature so you can see where the links have been placed – Peter goes to lengths to explain how these links do not leave a convenient thumbprint for Google to track you down and penalise you at some point in the future.

Before launch I was guessing that the links built are from a PBN (Private Blog Network), which has long been a clever way to control backlinks to sites. I first started using PBNs back in 2006/7 with great effect and there are still some very slick SEO operators like Dori Friend using PBNs. There was a really big PBN I used to use (the name escapes me) that got infiltrated by Google back in 2010-ish that saw the beginning of the end for mass back-link building when Panda came in and started penalising millions of sites. Put the willies up the SEO industry for a while!

But this new seo software does not use a PBN, and it’s got some very clever features that I think most marketers will love.

I like to play a sideline in affiliate marketing and getting Google traffic is part of that game, so sites that cannot damage you permanently if they go down will be worth giving this a go on. You can view it here.

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is a great way of earning a passive income using your internet marketing skills – you promote other peoples’ products and earn commissions on sales made – the best thing is, you need no stock, no staff, no premises – nada.

If you feel you need a foundation course in everything that you need to know to understand the basics of internet marketing, sign up for my free internet marketing training here – you’ll also be added to my email list which is where I keep you up to date on all sorts of stuff that will help you make more money online.

So, coming back to P1 Rank Me – here are some YouTube previews/reviews from other affiliate marketers to help you make a better decision. If you do want to check it out yourself, just click here.

Click here to view P1 Rank Me for yourself