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May 24

I Am The Universe, The Universe Is Me

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy

One of the great mistakes I made was believing that I was separate from the Universe, the Earth and God. The fact is that the whole Universe is a living system that we are all part of. The source energy is everywhere, including yourself.

Funnily enough, I do remember asking my Mum where God lived when I was a child. She told me God was everywhere, to which I replied “What, even in the Yorkshire pudding?” (this was back in the 70s before I gave up carbs 🙂

I also remember walking out of the Chapel of Rest where my Dad was trussed up in his wedding suit in a coffin when I was 17 and shouting up at the sky: “I hate you!”

I was, of course, referring to God.

Somewhere along the way he’d left the Yorkshire pudding and become separate to me. He was the big man in the sky with the white beard.

This affirmation: “I am the Universe, the Universe is me” is to remind you that you are part of the divine creation. You are God, and God is you. You are pure potential, and I hope this helps you realise that and help you create a better world for yourself and everyone else because we really are all in it together.

I Am The Universe, The Universe Is Me