Mark is the go-to guy for all things internet marketing. He’s also one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen, making everything really easy to understand. Highly recommended.

Shaa Wasmund,

Best selling business author and founder of

“I have worked with Mark, and continue to work with him, on a range of marketing projects, and was delighted to speak at one of his events. As far as I’m concerned, his search engine marketing expertise is unequalled. If anyone wants a website to top the search engine results, Mark is the person I recommend without hesitation. He is also one of the most decent generous people I’ve ever known, in or out of the business world.”

Ben Hunt,

Owner at Ben Hunt Limited, Author of 'Convert!' and 'Save the Pixel'

“Following Mark’s advice helped me increase my turnover by 1000%+ in just six months”

Ellie Kirby,

Exhibition Plinths

SEO champion of the world. Undefeated in all competitions.

Mark Gill,

Oscar nominated film director


Mark is a pleasure to deal with, with 100% professionalism on display at all times. His marketing and SEO knowledge is second to none with boundless enthusiasm and commitments to both areas of expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark

James Hargreaves,

Hargreaves & Woods Accountants

“I’vee been working with Mark for just over a year & the advice, help & support he & his team have given me is fantastic. But more importantly, the stuff he teaches works!”

Mike Philbin,

Nu-Life Floor Care

Mark gives very hands on, practical advice, ensuring we have the knowledge to make our campaigns a success. His level of enthusiasm and ideas never ceases to surprise me!

Andrew Mault,

Managing Director at Sollertia

Mark knows what works and what doesn’t. He proves it with his own businesses and has the ability and desire to teach this to others. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for internet marketing advice.

William Haseldine,

Experienced Lead Generation Marketer

I first met Mark at a speaking event with Rachel Elnaugh and he just blew me away. I came out of that conference with the inspiration and knowledge to make real and positive changes to my business. His advice has followed me through my career and I often put his SEO tips into practice for friends and clients. Mark is also a fantastic guy and a pleasure to work along side of.

Helen Sarah Gammons,

Lloyds TSB International Private Banking

I’ve used Mark on several occasions over the last few years, I find his enthusiasm, creativity and depth of knowledge incredibly productive and immensely inspiring. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone if you are serious about improving your website, web presence and profitability.

Nick Gregan,

Specialist Headshot Photographer

Mark Attwood has been my secret weapon for my business. So… I am not going to tell you how he has helped me! Go and find out for yourself, but be assured you’re in safe hands and you will get the results you want if you follow his advice and put in the work! You cannot afford not to…

Stephen Lowrey,

Managing Director at Shout Promotions

Mark is an amazing personality, an inspirational presenter with an in-depth knowledge of internet marketing. His direction has places my site rankings above larger more powerful competitors and our continued collaboration has provided us with a platform for a successful online business.

Martin Holling,

Travel Empire Ltd

Mark Attwood is a true expert in the area of SEO and internet marketing. he is interesting, funny and explains things in a way both techies and no techies can understand, I have attended a number of Mark’s seminars and they have been amazing, each seminar I have attended has sky rocketed my business

Tom Godwin,

Corporate Wellbeing Consultant/Facilitator

“In an industry littered with dreamers and charlatans, Mark is the genuine article. His methods and practices are legitimate, sensible and deliver results. I would recommend Mark Attwood for his SEO consultancy and seminars. They have certainly helped my business.

Rick Holmes,

Mobile Communications Specialist

“If you need genuine expert advice in the area of Search Engine Optimisation then don’t look anywhere else. SEO is an ever-changing landscape but Mark and his team are up to date with all the latest developments and they will be happy to teach and advise. Highly recommended.

Steven Clarke,

Cameron Clarke Leasing Ltd

A huge thank you to Mark and Katy for helping me learn about YouTube videos yesterday after receiving my emailed cry for help just two days ago. Brilliant helpful advice that was entirely unexpected but gratefully received!

Tracy Barlow,

Director at 24/7 Uptime